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Since our inception in 2019, Illume Autopsy and Pathology Services has been dedicated to delivering exceptional post-mortem examination services. Catering to a diverse clientele including families, hospitals, and law firms, we offer nationwide coverage, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all our clients. Our expert team comprises highly skilled and board-certified Pathologists, Pathologists’ Assistants, and Autopsy Technicians, all committed to delivering unparalleled service.


At Illume, we understand the importance of precision and accuracy in post-mortem examinations. That’s why we engage in strategic collaborations with renowned specialist Pathologists, state-of-the-art Laboratories, and compassionate Funeral Homes. This synergy allows us to provide you with the most accurate and insightful answers, facilitating informed decisions and closure.

Our comprehensive range of autopsy services is meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of each client. Whether it’s a detailed examination for medical insight or a thorough investigation for legal purposes, every procedure is performed and overseen by our board-certified professionals. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt our services to meet and exceed the specific expectations of our clients, ensuring that every question is answered and every concern is addressed.


Illume Autopsy and Pathology Services is more than just a provider; we are your partners in uncovering the truth and understanding the cause of death with the utmost respect and sensitivity. Trust us to be your guide in these critical moments, offering clarity and comfort through our expertise and compassionate approach.

Superior Autopsy and Pathology Services

What truly distinguishes Illume Autopsy and Pathology Services is our unwavering commitment to excellence in every aspect of our work. Whether conducting a private autopsy or a detailed forensic autopsy, our approach is characterized by meticulous care, absolute confidentiality, and an unparalleled attention to detail.


Our expertise spans a wide range of specialized services, including brain autopsy and brain donation procedures, critical in advancing medical research and providing closure for families. In cases of suspected overdose or poisoning, our toxicology experts skillfully analyze and interpret complex data, offering clarity in the most perplexing situations. We are also adept in handling sensitive cases involving medical malpractice, where precise pathology insights are crucial.


For families dealing with the loss due to cancer or specific diseases like mesothelioma, our biopsy and autopsy services offer valuable insights into the nature and cause of illness. Our genetic analysis capability further extends our service range, providing key information that could be vital for familial health understanding.


Illume stands out in its ability to blend academic rigor with forensic precision. Our reports are meticulously crafted, combining the detail of academic research with the conclusive clarity needed in forensic investigations. Each report includes a summary in layman’s terms, designed to be accessible to medical providers and family members alike, bridging the gap between detailed medical information and understandable insights.

At Illume, we don’t just perform autopsies; we provide answers and peace of mind, ensuring that every client receives comprehensive, compassionate, and technically impeccable service. Trust in our team of experienced pathologists and technicians to deliver the truth with dignity and respect, every step of the way.


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