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Our Services & Prices

Complete Autopsy

$4650 | Adult or fetal medical diagnostic without toxicology (adult cases can add legal documentation for $1500 or add toxicology for $900)

$4950 | Fetal medicolegal with toxicology
A complete autopsy consists of the examination of all internal organs. The body will remain intact and the organs will be replaced after the procedure. Our autopsy protocol is carefully carried out and will not interfere with any services or ceremonies held after the autopsy.

The medicolegal documentation is recommended when legal action is being considered.
Autopsies can be performed on adults, children, infants and stillborn fetuses.

Partial Autopsy

$3750 | 2 of 3 bodily systems
$1875 Biopsy/Limited tissue from 1 bodily system

A partial autopsy focuses the examination on one or more of the three organ systems: 1. head, 2. chest, 3. abdomen/pelvis.

Legal Tissue Procurement

$5200 | Mesothelioma w/out service agreement
$4700 | Mesothelioma w/service agreement
$2400 | Universities—Brain Only
$1800 | Individuals/Families—Brain Only

Providing evisceration and gross examination reports to our legal clients for a variety of pathologies (Mesothelioma, hernia mesh, etc.)
Tissue procurement, encompasses any tissue of the body, most commonly performed on the brain for research studies. We have highly skilled staff experienced in procurement for the most challenging cases, including following very specific protocols, urgent and emergent procedures to minimize the post mortem interval and the gamut of (highly) infectious diseases - from prion to COVID - we can handle it.

Toxicology & Genetic Testing


An examination of blood or other body fluids for drugs, chemicals, or other substances. We collaborate with external laboratories for testing and offer a variety of panels. Our basic/general toxicology panel tests for more than 2000 medications and illicit substances.

Additionally we offer genetic testing panels that include thousands of genes and cover broad and specific categories of genetic diseases and syndromes.

Medical Records Review

A Pathologist can review medical records for a fee. Average total price is $500. Please schedule a consult to learn more.


Providing evisceration and special protocols catered to our clients needs. Please schedule a consult to learn more.